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Owner Overview

Owning an investment property in the Silicon Valley area, (between San Francisco and San Jose) south of San Francisco, can be a terrific investment. It also can be full of headaches and hassles. If you have been disappointed in a property manager in the past or if you are tired of spending your valuable time managing and maintaining a rental property, we encourage you to contact Avia Properties today.

We are a full service property management team. That means we can handle everything from locating qualified tenants quickly to efficiently maintaining your property. Since we are local, we can keep an eye on your property, protecting your investment. We will ensure your income is maximized while your headaches are minimized. We keep you connected through an online portal, detailing all property related expenses and income.

Learn more about our specific services in our Management Services area. Let Avia Properties help make your life easier. Contact us today for the peace of mind you deserve.